New Fitness Concept Signs Lease in Bloomington Retail Mall

The new retail center located at France Avenue and Old Shakopee in Bloomington Is nearly 100% occupied shortly after its opening.  The latest tenant is 9 Round, 30 minute kickbox fitness, a 30 minute fitness format for local residents to stop in at their convenience with no appointment, and a trainer will be there to coach them through their workout.

This business and workout format, located in a neighborhood retail mal, is a growing trend across the country.  Consumers are seeking convenience in regards to their physical activity, and businesses like 9 Round are offering not only convenience, but also a unique format that is appealing to consumers.

It will be interesting to see over time if these types of traditional gym alternatives will be sustainable, as there are many variations of this type of fitness businesses expanding throughout the US.   Bloomington, like many other Cities, has several gyms and fitness locations spread throughout the City.

The location at the intersection of Old Shakopee Road and France Avenue in Bloomington is highly trafficked and will be noticed by those who live nearby.