Point of Sale Inspections to Sell Your Home

If you are selling a home in the Twin Cities, it’s important to check on the City requirements, as several Cities, including Minneapolis, require a truth-in-housing (TISH) or point of sale (POS) inspection or evaluation prior to selling a home.   The Cities conduct the Point of Sale Inspection to provide buyers and sellers with the condition of a property prior to a sale to keep up the quality of housing.

The following is the list of Cities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul MSA that require an inspection prior to listing or selling a home.


Minneapolis, Bloomington, Crystal, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Maplewood, New Hope, Osseo, Richfield, Robbinsdale, St. Louis Park, St. Paul, South St. Paul  

The inspection and report must be performed by a licensed evaluator, and must be disclosed to all buyers.

In many Cities listed above, if repairs are required, they must be completed prior to closing by the seller, or within a certain timeframe by the buyer after closing (this will vary depending on the City).  In Minneapolis for example, if the inspection requires repairs be made to the home, the buyer has 90 days from the date of closing to make the required repairs to the home.   If you have any questions, or would like direction to the forms and information regarding TISH inspections, please contact Simply Sold or a Simply Sold agent.