Eden Prairie’s Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program

In Minnesota, the weather can take toll on homes.   When the exterior of a home deteriorates, often times faster due to more extreme weather, this can lead to problems inside the home including moisture, shifts in the structure, wet ceiling stains, and wet basements.   The City of Eden Prairie has implemented a program to help eligible homeowners who have experienced these problems affordably maintain their homes.

The program development by the City of Eden Prairie is the Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program to help low and moderate-income homeowners maintain their homes.   To be eligible, the owners must live in their home, and have a gross income below the HUD income limits.   For instance, a home with 4 occupants, that income limit is $65,800.  For one occupant, the limit is $46,100.

The program offers homeowners who meet the requirements interest-free, deferred loans to those homes that need repair (first come, first serve basis).   Loan repayment is deferred until the home is sold, or in 30 years, whichever occurs first.  The loan can be repairs early.

The City of Eden Prairie compiled a list of the typical repairs and replacements that qualify.  For example, roof, siding, driveways, gutters, foundations, exterior painting, plumbing, and electrical.   This list is not comprehensive, and visit the City of Eden Prairie website, or call their office for more information.