Growing Connected Home Technology Trends in 2016

What is connected home technology, and does it appeal to buyers?   Over the past few years, technological advancements in the home are becoming popular among tech savvy homeowners.

According to national studies, the two most desirable technology for the home is security systems and thermostat control.  These products allow homeowners to control the temperature of their home from their smartphones anywhere in the home or on the go.  The same can be done with security systems.

Other technology products in the home include hands-free faucets, lights that turn on automatically when someone enters a room, or garage door openers that connect to a user’s smartphone.

The City of Richfield, and home to Best Buy headquarters, has reported increased demand in connected home technology products, and predict that this market sector will continue to grow.

Home technology products may appeal to some buyers, and to those buyers the return on investment is positive for homeowners and sellers.  Over 50% of homeowners in 2016 indicated that they plan to purchase a home technology product, or have the desire to these products in their homes.  This trend will likely continue to grow, making it more appealing to sellers who want attract buyers and achieve top dollar for their home.